Monday, July 18, 2011


Wedding guestbook capture your guest's sentiment on your BIG day. I'm offering you a unique handmade guestbook to coordinate perfectly with your theme and preference.

- a hard cover front page with embellishments
- 4 pages of your love story (poems,lyrics,love wishes,pictures etc)
- 25 blank pages of thick color paper
- 25 blank pages of thick white paper
- box
- postage (Semenanjung M'sia only) /COD within Ampang,KLCC and Wangsa Maju

- a hard cover front page with embellishments
- 6 pages of your love story (poems,lyrics,love wishes,pictures etc)
- 30 blank pages of thick color paper
- 30 blank pages of thick white paper
- box
- postage (Semenanjung M'sia only) / COD within Ampang,KLCC and Wangsa Maju

ROMANCE PACKAGE (RM 230 and above)
- hard cover front and back with embellishments
- 10 pages of your love story (poems/lyrics/love wishes,pictures etc)
- 40 blank pages of thick color paper
- 40 blank pages of thick white paper
- exclusive box
- postage (Semenanjung M'sia only) / COD within Ampang,KLCC and Wangsa Maju

- sample for cover page ( celebrity pics are for illustration purpose only)

details and embellishments

- love story page (may add some words.sayings or love notes here) (celebrity pic is for illustration purpose only)

- love story page (may add some lyrics,poems,etc) (celebrity pic is for illustration purpose only)

interested?kindly email me for discussion and inquiries

or sms 012-2854181

Friday, July 15, 2011

ohhhhh my 'dusty' blog

Assalammualaikum =))) hello are you?sorry,i was sooo bz with work loads..i just started my career as legal assistant last far,everything went well, Alhamdulillah..

I love being a career woman but there is one thing that i am so stress on! I am so stressssss because I don't have much time to scrap (and crap!). I miss my student life! huhu

So today,i told myself to be smart on time management! YES! I must do this..I must move my lazy
bum! I'd really like to say that i want to scrap regularly...hopefully =)

For warm up, i made a LO for myself..

just a simple one..


Ok...have a great weekend everybody!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy birthday cousin

Hey everyone..sorry for longgggg silent..last week was a bz week for me with job interview-lah, wedding-lah, meet up with friends lah, hang out with my mum lah, this lah that lah..bla bla bla..hehe..

Okay..I made this LO for my silly ehh dearie cousin on her birthday. This girl loves camera and lion!haha..that's why I put the sticker on the LO..


Hurmm thats all for today..i need time to catch my mojo..but before that,i have to settle with lotsa things..

anyway,havva a good day! xoxo

Friday, April 15, 2011

silly cousin

Happy Birthday cousin!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 in 1

Hello friends,
I've got 3things to share here..1stly,i made an album for my pet sister. She asked me to work within her budget and I tried my best to make it minimalist and still look fab.LOL. So,here is the cover of the album. I love the roses and glittery butterfly so much.

Secondly, this huge frame is made for my cutie lil nephew,Aish Darwisy for his 2nd birthday. I bought the frame from Ikea but i think its too big to fit the scrapbook paper. The medium size frame was sold out during ikea sale last month..haiyaa. So, i have to cover it with plain blue paper.anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARWISY! BE A GOOD BOY! LOVE YOU..XOXO

And,I went to Papier Love to join TV3 shooting for their tv program named 'Sarapan'..There was an 'olok-olok' basic scrapbook class handled by Teacher Amelia. We learnt how to make this sweet LO.

I grab this pic from kak Amelia's facebook. Credit to her. We had a tea time with the Sarapan Crew after the scrapbook class. Can you see Maria Tunku Sabri? and, the man in red tee is the host of the program. He joined us to make LO in the class too. Not bad at all. He's quite funny and entertaining. They told us that the show will be on 1st May, 9am. So, on that day please wake up early and get ready in front of the tv yaa..LOL

Thursday, March 31, 2011

simple and sweet

Just a simple and easy LO that I made last night. This picture was taken during my 1st visit to Melbourne to meet my beloved Mr.A. I don't have any idea to write journal on it. Maybe i will write about our day trip to Great Ocean Road. oh,i miss the trip!

My mini album project is still in progress. Hopefully, I can finish it before May. I want to apply some techniques that I've learned from the DTs and I keep on watching mini album tutorial on youtube . Ok u guys, I'll be back. Take care..xoxo

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Heyya'all..I just got back from a happening spring market at Papier Love..wuuuuu..It was my first time join their activity and I swear,I had a greatttttt time with all DTs,new friends and got a lot of knowledge about techniques and stuff. Thank you so much.

I only snap these two pictures..sorry..i didn't bring along my camera..anyway,there are 5 tags that i learned from DT Amelia (pink roses), DT Sham (blue doilies), DT Rossa ( butterflies), DT Macy (brownish glittery) and not in the photo is from DT Nahdrah..sorry dear..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

fly to the sky

First of all,Happy Chinese New Year and may this year brings you prosperity and happiness =)

This LO i made especially to my brother,Fikri Hanafi..He just received his pilot license from HM Aviation Institute Langkawi. Congratulations Iki,i am so proud of you.

Monday, January 17, 2011

January SALE !!!

new status: ALL SOLD OUT.. thanks darlss

Hello everybody..Welcome to my 2nd sale..I am so thankful to all followers,customers and fans for your never ending support =)

Price starts as low as RM 3 to RM 8 . Posting cost already included and I also can do COD but within Bukit Jelutong,Rawang and Shah Alam area only =)

Scrapbook paper by Kaiser,Australia
RM 4

Scrapbook paper by Sassafras, Australia
RM 4

Die cut blossoms paper whimsies by Sassafras
RM 5

I LOVE YOU sticker by Funny Sticker World,Korea
RM 8

Sweet Lollipop Sticker
RM 7

RM 8

Flowery Sticker
RM 5

Flowery butterfly sticker
RM 5

Sticker 2
RM 4

Beach theme chipboard
RM 8

Love embellishments
RM 5

Pattern paper
rm 5

love sticker
RM 3

Scrapbook paper 2
RM 4

Scrapbook paper 3
RM 4

Scrapbook paper 4
RM 4

To make order,kindly email me at

thanks love

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scrappi Studio - weekly challege

Hello art lovers..This is my first attempt for Scrappin Studio - weekly challenge. The challenge needs scrappers to put flowers in our layout. So,here it goes =) Oh,by the way,the girl n boy in my layout are not me and my other half. They are my 'kakak angkat' and his fiance. They will getting married on March and I am making something special for the becoming newlyweds!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

notice: change of my email

SORRY FOR THE TROUBLE AND INCONVENIENCE, MY EMAIL is not longer existed due to so many spams and scams..grrrrr..So,I just made a NEW current email is:

so,from now on any orders or questions can be sent to this address or to my formspring..thanks deariess..

Happy New Year everybody

Hello =) yeah,i know i am bit late to wish all of you happy new year and may 2011 brings you a lot of prosperity,happiness and,i just came back from Singapore. Unfortunately my family vacation was not complete without my 2 brothers; Faiz is in UK doing architecture and Fikri is in Langkawi for his aviation course. However, vacation is still a vacation. we had so much fun especially in theUniversal Studio Singapore, Night Safari and Orchard Road.Here are some photos from Singapore-lah ;)

xmas nite

Singapore city tour

Universal Studios

ohhh...i did some scrapbook shopping at orchard road too. They have 4 shops but i only have time to go to Urban Write..I am definitely want to go to Orchard road again and drop to Made with Love at Plaza Singapura, scrapbook shop at Wheelock and 1 more i forgot the name..teehee

and many more! *winks*

See you in the next entry..xoxo