Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy birthday cousin

Hey everyone..sorry for longgggg silent..last week was a bz week for me with job interview-lah, wedding-lah, meet up with friends lah, hang out with my mum lah, this lah that lah..bla bla bla..hehe..

Okay..I made this LO for my silly ehh dearie cousin on her birthday. This girl loves camera and lion!haha..that's why I put the sticker on the LO..


Hurmm thats all for today..i need time to catch my mojo..but before that,i have to settle with lotsa things..

anyway,havva a good day! xoxo

Friday, April 15, 2011

silly cousin

Happy Birthday cousin!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 in 1

Hello friends,
I've got 3things to share here..1stly,i made an album for my pet sister. She asked me to work within her budget and I tried my best to make it minimalist and still look fab.LOL. So,here is the cover of the album. I love the roses and glittery butterfly so much.

Secondly, this huge frame is made for my cutie lil nephew,Aish Darwisy for his 2nd birthday. I bought the frame from Ikea but i think its too big to fit the scrapbook paper. The medium size frame was sold out during ikea sale last month..haiyaa. So, i have to cover it with plain blue paper.anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARWISY! BE A GOOD BOY! LOVE YOU..XOXO

And,I went to Papier Love to join TV3 shooting for their tv program named 'Sarapan'..There was an 'olok-olok' basic scrapbook class handled by Teacher Amelia. We learnt how to make this sweet LO.

I grab this pic from kak Amelia's facebook. Credit to her. We had a tea time with the Sarapan Crew after the scrapbook class. Can you see Maria Tunku Sabri? and, the man in red tee is the host of the program. He joined us to make LO in the class too. Not bad at all. He's quite funny and entertaining. They told us that the show will be on 1st May, 9am. So, on that day please wake up early and get ready in front of the tv yaa..LOL