Saturday, August 21, 2010

goodies hunting in Jakarta

Anybody who already being my friend in facebook probably knew that I went to Jakarta for short holiday and goodies hunting for hari raya and also for scrap n crap. I found a cute and simple scrapbook shop in Senayan city. Here are some pictures =)

they got colorful frame! oh envy (-.-)

lovely !

i am drooling to all adorable product here!

Thanks a lot to my dear friend, Sarahsita for all your kindness and being my sporting tourist guide ;) hopefully,I can save my money and go to Jakarta again.


  1. Hi Farah, this is Sabrina from JB. May I ask, do you actually own a scrapbook shop? I am glad I found your blog! :D

    Selamat berpuasa!

  2. hye Sabrina
    sorry for late reply
    no only a scrapbooker
    but i wish to open a scrapbook shop sooon =)
    thanks coz drop by

  3. amboi kak farah..borong xingat dunie yee!!=D.hihihi...