Saturday, March 26, 2011


Heyya'all..I just got back from a happening spring market at Papier Love..wuuuuu..It was my first time join their activity and I swear,I had a greatttttt time with all DTs,new friends and got a lot of knowledge about techniques and stuff. Thank you so much.

I only snap these two pictures..sorry..i didn't bring along my camera..anyway,there are 5 tags that i learned from DT Amelia (pink roses), DT Sham (blue doilies), DT Rossa ( butterflies), DT Macy (brownish glittery) and not in the photo is from DT Nahdrah..sorry dear..


  1. Hi Farah, thanks for coming to Papier. I hope u had fun with us and thanks also for joining me n the rest for tea. Feel free to drop me a note, mana tau nak buat swap dgn i ker..hehehe :) take care.

  2. hi ya... good to have met you.. :) Annie

  3. kak amelia : no worries dear..yeahh,i had so much fun with u all..u guys are amazing..boleh je nak swap2..but noted ye,i am a beginner tau..byk lagi nak kena belajar..hehe..

    annie : hello darling..yeah,it was nice to meet u as well..keep in touch ya =) xoxo

  4. Hi! Farah, thanks for becoming the follower in my blog and nice to have met you last week! Take care and see you again. xoxo