Thursday, March 31, 2011

simple and sweet

Just a simple and easy LO that I made last night. This picture was taken during my 1st visit to Melbourne to meet my beloved Mr.A. I don't have any idea to write journal on it. Maybe i will write about our day trip to Great Ocean Road. oh,i miss the trip!

My mini album project is still in progress. Hopefully, I can finish it before May. I want to apply some techniques that I've learned from the DTs and I keep on watching mini album tutorial on youtube . Ok u guys, I'll be back. Take care..xoxo


  1. Hey! Farah

    Every individual have their own style and like me when I first started I like tercari2 what technique to use and is good to learn from youtube or from the DTs.

    No worries, nothing is wrong in art and have fun creating. This layout is nice slowly you will be busy like a bee creating...

    Take care.

  2. hye Kak Yuz..oh,thank you so much for the sweet comments..yeah,i am so agree with u..u take care too dear