Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hello Scrapbookers and friends =)

Salam...hye,my name is Farah.I am a law student at MSU,Shah Alam.The girl who loves to eat,scrap and crap..tee hee :P..ohmygod,i feel so glad that i have the chance to own a blog about my scrapbook collection.This is my hobby since school and i do enjoy it to da max.I love to scrap about my family,my friends and my dear love.

fyi,i do take any order from can email me your photo and description.i'll try my best to design and customize it.other than that,i will do some sale on scrapbook stuff like paper,buttons,ribbons and etc.

thanks for being my follower =) keep in touch.. xoxo

that is me and ika radiusite(my ex-partner)
i gave her a frame with customize scrapbook on her wedding with isk..congrats dear!

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